On this website you will find images of past productions I have worked on. I am very grateful to all my collaborators. A play is always an amalgamation of different talents and I am thoroughly enjoying working with new and familiar people on something that brings me so much joy to watch. I am regularly updating this website, but of course, depending on my workload, it may not always be at once. So, if you notice that there hasn’t been any changes in a while it is probably because I have been too busy creating new content… I am always happy to hear your feedback and suggestions for improvements though, if you have any, just send me a message.

On this welcome page I will introduce new projects I am working on:


by Alistair McDowall

directed by Kevin Reed

Set Design by Rodolfo Villalobos

Costume Design by Susan Yanofsky

Sound Design by Katya Solomatina

I am designing the lights for this show that is on from the 6th July to the 10th July at the Lir Academy.

‘The crew of the first research base on Pluto has lost contact with Earth. The world they left behind is dying. The birds no longer sing. Entire religions were formed around the last of the trees.’

Info and tickets under: https://www.thelir.ie/events/x

The Sleepwalkers

a co-production of Pan Pan and Dublin Youth Theatre

I am assisting the Set and Lighting Designer Aedín Cosgrove for this production that will take place in the Samuel Beckett Theatre from the 22 - 27 July.

Info and tickets under: http://panpantheatre.com/shows/the-sleepwalkers/

Everything I Do

by OneTwoOneTwo

After a successful run in the 2018 Dublin Fringe Festival this Live Concept Album returns with performances in Cork Arts Theatre from the 14 - 15 June, in Project Arts Centre Cube from 26 - 27 July, and in Summerhall for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from the 31 July to the 25 August.