Glue People

A while ago we were asked to create miniature people for our models. At the very beginning of this academic year we already had to do that. We made them out of milliput or modelling clay, but I must say that I struggled with the material. My heads were too big and the legs too short. Not very well proportioned model people, in short. And they were at a scale of 1:25 as well.

The people we were now asked to make were at a scale of 1:50 and 1:100. How was that supposed to be done? Playing around with different materials, I first made them out of card, but Monica Frawley thought that they were too 2-dimensional. So, I had the idea to try to make some out of hot glue. I poured some onto tracing paper in the shape and height of a human to the required scale. When it had cooled I traced the same shape on the other side to the tracing paper. After this side too was cool, I cut them out and gave them little glue feet.

Admittedly, they were only vaguely human shaped, but they certainly served the purpose. After having done the smaller scale ones I decided to make them to the scale of 1:25 as well. The principle was the same, only this time I drew their shapes onto the paper first. I was also able to vary the heights a little so that I would end up with figures that vary in height between 1.6m and 1.8m and I decided to signify their gender with clothes and body shapes.

While I painted my smaller figures so they would stand out against the set I was at the time working on, I did not paint my larger ones, and so all of my sets since then have been populated by ghost people. It is oddly fitting for some of the plays.


IMG_7566 2.JPG