Model Making with David Neat

I am really excited about this news: I am going to participate in a model making course with David Neat (author of Model-making: Materials and Methods) in December. I had head of him for years, but was always under the impression that it would either be far too expensive or that the courses would be sold out immediately anyway and when I recently checked his website there were in fact no courses advertised.

However, I chose to get in touch through a comment on a post about those courses and received an answer almost at once! And even more surprisingly got the answer that there would indeed be two courses this year. So I very quickly checked my diary and asked for a place in the December course. There are only 6 places in each one, so I consider myself extremely fortunate.

During my MFA I always thought that model-making was one of my weaker sides and this course entails everything, from a basic introduction to building materials, scaling, to detailed furniture, mould making and texturing techniques and paints and painting. I am really looking forward to it already. I am applying for a travel and training award from the Arts Council, but even if I shouldn’t get it, the course is booked and I will be attending! I wouldn’t let such an opportunity slip through my fingers for anything!